Empower yourself by claiming your place

Do you recognise that wonderful feeling of being empowered as an individual and being able to resolutely claim your place? Or is your life being lived for and do you regularly encounter the same patterns in both your personal and professional life? Stubborn patterns in your life can often be traced back to your family system; the inseverable connection with your family members. 
Using the fountain as metaphor for the family system, this practical book provides insight into numerous human themes, including feeling guilty (of innocent), taking on too much responsability, maintaining realionships and letting go. 

Find your rightful place using the fountain and allow your life to go better than ever before.

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Els van Steijn

Els van Steijn (1969) has her own coaching practice and is specialised in the systemic perspective. She has been able to guide hundreds of clients in their personal and professional growth. For her clients, the fountain is an eye-opener and the missing piece of the puzzle needed to effectively take the next step. 

In what place are you?

How do you look at your mother? How does she look at you?
How do you look at your father? And how does he look at you?

How do you look at your partner? And how do they look at you?
How do you look at your childeren? How do they look at you?

With your father and mother in your heart, you can’t freeze. You take your place in the fountain. From there, you can use your individuality and flair to achieve and chase goals valuable to you. With the invisible support and strength of the fountain, you have vitality and enjoy relationships that enrich both you and the other person. Your receive what is there. Receive plenty and you’ll have lots to give. 
Thanks to your inner attitude, you can ‘descend’ to your place in the fountain if needed. You allow the systemic principles to work for you, automatically pulling you into a positive spiral. Creating, as I see it conditions for a good life. 

From The fountain, find your place: Chapter 12.1

Others about The Fountain, find your place

This book is not only beautifully designed, but is has also truly made a difference in my life. In her own words, and through metaphors, Els clearly explains the workings of systemic laws, and how they affect our lives. It has given me numerous insights and helped me on the journey of finding my unique place in my family system. I highly recommend it. 

Stephanie Limpens

The fountain is a book which can change your life completely. It shows how important and defining your family system is in your child- and adulthood. Els van Steijn is a modern, down to earth coach and family-system expert. Her clear approach to this delicate topic makes it accessible for everybody to live a life in sync with your heart and full of abundance.

Karlijn Visser
Owner online magazine Holistik.nl

As a coach for teams, individuals and organizations I have experienced the power of the fountain. This concept clarifies what happens in the subconscience of a family, a team or an organization. It provides a bright insight in the ‘why’ of behavior. In her book Els van Steijn makes it easy to understand the complexity and dynamics of any family relationship or any relationship in a working environment. I am certainly looking forward to her next book.

Jeroen Frerichs
Business and leadership coach

Els van Steijn and The fountain, find your place has a special place in my heart. I have been able to fully accept my parents. I now know what a wonderful power source my family system is in my life. In my working and private life this was a turning point and has ensured that ‘my fountain’ flows generously. I allow myself to go well. 

Ilse Brommersma
Teamtrainer and coach

The Fountain is one of the most profound books on personal growth I have ever read. Els van Steijn is able to explain in an intelligent and very clear way how family dynamics are are the basis for a lot of unsustainable habits in patterns in our life. Its a book full of subtle insights and discoveries. It is a must read for every individual and professional who is interested in understanding the basis of one’s personality.

Dennis Buist

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