You can’t fix a living system. It needs healing

When it comes to organizational trauma, we often meet the same attitude as with individual trauma: the choice to deny what is difficult and painful. However, also companies would benefit from paying attention to this phenomenon. Certain signs and symptoms, such as an increase in the number of burnout cases, a lack of creativity and entrepreneurship and a growing feeling of rigidity in the daily functioning of the company are quickly attributed to individuals instead of being seen as an expression of a suffering organization. Even when signs and symptoms present themselves through individuals, it’s often the organization – as a living system – that is wounded and is calling for healing.

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Philippe Bailleur

For more than 20 years Philippe Bailleur has been coaching organizations, teams and individuals. The co-development of individuals, organizations and society is a huge source of inspiration in his work. This has helped him to unravel some recurrent patterns about trauma which he absolutely wanted to share. He is utterly convinced that if organizations are willing to work from a systemic perspective and are willing to let go unhealthy habits, they will become Forces for Good.

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You’re holding a remarkable book in your hands on a delicate subject: Trauma in Organizations. I can only recommend to read it … from your common sense, from your heart, from your soul and for the love of the organization you are contributing to.

Jan Jacob Stam
founder of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute

Stuck? Dealing with Organizational Trauma” is an impressive book, a must read because each of us works in several organizations through our professional life. The relational wiring of those living systems is the foundation of work processes and their outcomes. This book contains essential information to pay attention and take care of this invisible – but critical – aspect of organizational life.

Nelleke van Houts
SySt® trainer and consultant

Stuck? Dealing with organizational trauma’ explores the various aspects of organizational trauma; ways an organization may become traumatized, characteristics of organizational trauma, and ways to intervene in traumatized systems or event preventing systems to get stuck in trauma, in a great way.

Eric de Soir
Military professor in Crisis Psychology

It is partly because of my personal story, but also my business experience, that I am aware of trauma in organizations. This book – which I read while it was being written – has given me much insight. Philippe has managed to give words to my experience. I hope it will inspire you as much as it has me.

Catherine Carton
organizational coach

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